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POEOBC10I. Poya Bergamot Essential Oil (Calabrian) - 10 ml
✓ 100% Pure, Undiluted and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.
✓ Manufactured in Canada at an ISO, Kosher and Vegan certified facility; all products are animal cruelty-free.
✓ GC/MS Tested.

Bergamot Essential Oil helps relieve anxiety and stress, creating a feeling of freshness, joy and energy. Our Bergamot Oil has antibacterial, anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory properties. Bergamot Essential Oil is known to reduce pain, fight infections caused due to harmful bacteria and promote a healthy skin.

A few drops of Bergamot Oil may be dripped into a shower stall for a refreshing start to the day. For an oil cleanser, simply add 1 drop of Bergamot Essential Oil to tsp. Almond Oil and massage into facial skin. Use Bergamot Oil in an after-shower moisturizer by smoothing a few drops blended with Grapeseed Oil over wet skin, then blotting off excess water with a towel. A few drops of Bergamot Essential Oil in an unscented night cream will make it fragrant while rejuvenating tired skin.
1 to 9   $ 14.99 each
10 or more   $ 11.99 each