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PROCPPAWD100. Procuro Biodegradable Alcohol Sanitizing Wet Wipes Fragrance Free

Product Description:

  • Formulated with 75% v/v Ethyl Alcohol for effective sanitizing (FDA NDC: 77243-103-14)

  • 100% Biodegradable Fabric with honey comb structure for effective cleaning

  • Robust yet more Gentle to the Environment

  • With plant based Glycerin (USP) to protect hands and skin

  • ASTM E2315 - 16 Antimicrobial Tested

  • Extra thick wipes of 5.8 in. x 6.7 in. size

The product is formulated with 75% v/v Ethyl Alcohol, effective for killing 99.9% of germ, and an apt amount of plant based Glycerin (USP Grade) which acts as a moisturizer to help protect your skin and hands from the drying effect of high concentration alcohol, even when doing the heavy duty works of sanitizing your surroundings.

The product is ASTM E2315 - 16 tested, a test following the standard guide for assessment of anti-microbial activity using a Time-Kill procedure, for further reassurance.
*American Society for Testing and Materials. Please refer to for more details.

The product uses extra thick non-woven fabric with good tensile strength and is made up of 100% naturally derived biodegradable material. The honey-comb structure of the fabric is soft and helps to pick up dirt easier.

1 to 9   $ 108.00 Box of 24
10 to 24   $ 78.00 Box of 24
25 to 49   $ 72.00 Box of 24
50 to 74   $ 66.00 Box of 24
75 to 99   $ 60.00 Box of 24
100 or more   $ 54.00 Box of 24
Box of 24