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Item # Description

Minimum Order: $100.00

Lozier1sideshelving. Lozier 1sided shelving w outrigger overhead storage
Lozier One sided Shelving With outrigger midweight overhead storage Minimum order 30 sections $4500 Steel uprights & beams & supports 8ft High x 4' Wide x 2' Deep, one sided shelving , some 10 ft and 12 high available Used, Good Clean Condition, Light Duty racking, overhead storage Top grid shelf for holding inventory, will hold over 2000lbs each Includes 4 metal shelves per 4ft section ( 8 shelves as shown in pic) Bright orange or off white outriggers, your choice Approx shipping costs for 30 sections: East of Mississippi 30 units $600 - $1200 Call with your zipcode for freight cost west ofMississippi Only $150 Per 4' section 2ft Deep. As shown in picture 8ft section $300 Each addition section is $150
per 4ft section

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