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Minimum Order: $100.00

Gondola/Wall Unit/store shelvi :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
LOZIEREND/WALL Lozier Endcaps & Wall Units
Like new condition, white Lozier brand endcap & wall units - 4' wide x 8' high
120.00 section
Like new condition, white Lozier brand gondola shelving sections - 4' wide x 8' high
135.00 section
MADIX ENDCAP/WALL Madix Endcap & Wall Units
Used very good condition Madix brand end cap and wall unit metal shelving ~ 48" wide by choice of 5' - 8' - or 10' high in offwhite or pure white ~ complete with 1 base shelf & 3 shelves per section
120.00 section
MADIX GONDOLA Madix Gondola Shelving
Used Madix brand gondola shelving in like new condition ~ 48" wide - choice of 5', 8', or 10' high in off white or pure white
135.00 section
OutriggerWallShelvin Outrigger Wall Shelving Used in good condition 48in. wide 10/12
Outrigger Wall Shelving Used in good condition 48in. wide with 3 shelves 18in. deep Metal top strip has to be screwed into wall studs, shelf height adjustable every 2in.
79.00 section
sc9 Gondola shelves
Used, good condition. 3 or 4 ft wide x up to 24" deep. Off white or grey color. Choice of brands: Streater, Lozier Millenium, Kent, Handy, Madix, or Meg. Call for quantity pricing!
10.00 each
Shelf fences white 4' x 4inch shelf fences
White shelf fences to keep items from falling off shelving units. 4 ft long by 4 inch high.
4.00 each
  Streater Uprights Streater Gondola Uprights
Extra uprights for breaks in "runs" of streater gondola shelving. Single uprights can only be purchased if you are already buying gondola. We do not sell these separately.
35.00 each
STREATER WALL UNITS Streater Slatwall Gondola Wall Units
Upscale, used white wood Streater brand slatwall gondola wall units -- High end fixtures at a great price!
125.00 per section
STREATERSWEND Streater Slatwall Endcaps
Used, good condition white endcaps with finished ends. Each endcap measures 36" wide X 72" high and comes with (3) shelves and (1) base shelf - choice of 16" or 22" base.
135.00 section

33 items found: <Previous Page> Page [1] [2] [ 3 ] [4] <Next Page>

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