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Woodstock & Elevate Hemp Extract
306 Keystone Dr.
Telford, Pennsylvania 18969 United States
Phone: 760-994-3500

Our Company
Woodstock and Elevate Hemp Extract brands are manufactured by Axcentria Pharmaceuticals. Axcentria was formed in 2010 by executives and investors, all with experience in the prescription drug and dental products industries. This universal expertise was particularly important because it was crucial to accomplishing Axcentria's mission: To become a premier private label manufacturer of specialty liquids, creams and ointments serving the pharmaceutical, dental and veterinary products industries. Axcentria expanded its focus to the Hemp Extract market. With today's health conscious consumers, the purity of ingredients and stability of hemp and CBD products matter. With the Axcentria Purity Promise, we have filled the quality gap in the marketplace manufacturing products using pharmaceutical cGMP standards with 100% traceability of every ingredient and final product.

Our Products
The Elevate and Woodstock Hemp Extract product uses full spectrum hemp oil with terpenes to deliver the highest level of wellness products to the consumer. Our hemp extract is sourced from the industrial hemp plant and contains less than .03% THC which meets the Farm Bill requirements. You do not get any psychoactive effects, only the beneficial effects from cannabinoids. We offer a unique set of products for every consumer. All come with the purity and potency guarantee.

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