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Communion Dresses, Etc. : Accessories :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
02224W (D5/4) Hair Accessories Girls Embellished Crowns - White Color
Girls Baptism/Communion Crowns. All-White Color. Hand-Made In USA. Unit Price: $6.00/Each.
18.00 3 Pc Pack
09599SP (C5/2) "Confirmacion" Gift Boxed Set - Spanish (# 9102)
Spanish Version. US Made. Unit Price: $8.00/Each. ***** (Also Available In English - Click On Item No. "09599E" On Our Search Engine)*****
24.00 3 Sets Pack
180096B "Any Occasion II " White Embroidered Photo Album & Ribbon (Imp)
Size: 13" x 13". Embroidered. Hand-Made. Gift Boxed. Unit Price: $15.00/Each. (Matching Guest Book Also Available - Style # 180196B) LOT # F-SAPA 12 (WA-27)
45.00 3 Pc Pack
180196A "Any Occasion I" 2Pc Guest Books & Pen Sets (Imported)
Size: 13" x 8". White Embroidered Guest Book With Ribbon. Hand-Made. Gift Boxed. Unit Price: $12.00/Each. (Matching Photo Album Also AVailable - Style # 180096A) Lot # FGB40 (WG-26)
36.00 3 Pc Pack
18925FL (E1/2)* Porcelain Flowers - For Decoration
Assorted Colors: Lavender, Pink & White. Unit Price: $1.75/ Each. Liquidation price: $1.00/each
12.00 Dz - Pack
18950B (B4/2) Embellished Formal Candles
Size: Hand-Made In USA. Gift-Boxed. Unit Price: $5.00/ Each.
30.00 6 Pc Pack
18952CN (B3/3) Embellished White Candles - 12" Long
Hand-Crafted In USA. With Lace & Beads. Designs May Be Different From Picture. Unit Price: $3.50/Pair.
31.50 9 Pairs Pack
217100S-G (E8/4) Communion Gift Boxed Set - Spanish Version - For Girls
US Made. Unit Price: $10.00/Each.
30.00 3 Pc Pack
21E6013 (E8/4) 6 Pc Communion Gift Boxed Sets - English
Box Size: 14" x 5.5". US Made. Unit Price: $6.00/Each.
18.00 3 Sets Pack
57070B (D4/1) Bridal Communion Quinceanera Embellished Money Bags
Embellished With Lace & Pearl. White Color. Measures 13"x 12" .Gift Boxed. Unit Price: $8.00/Each.
48.00 6 Pc Pack
Album30 (6SH12/3) "Communion" Spanish Photo Albums - USA
Large Size. Assorted Designs. In Boys & Girls Styles. Hand-Crafted In USA. Unit Price: $20.00/Each.
60.00 3 Pc Pack
Cape10W ( i 2/3) Faux Fur Capes For Girls - White Color ( # 9409W)
Sizes: S-M-L-XL. One of Each Size Per Pack. With Full Lining Quality. Department Stores Goods. Retails To $50.00. Unit Price: $20.00/Each. ***** (Also Available In Beige/Ivory Color - Click On # Cape12-I)*****
80.00 4 Pc Pack
Cape4 (HG)* Girls Communion Capes With Lace - White Color ( # 9407)
Sizes: S-M-L-XL. One of Each Size Per Pack. Another Quality Product From "JUST DARLING COLLECTION". Unit Price: $25.00/Each. Liquidation price: $12.00/each
48.00 4 Pc Pack
Cape5 (LR) Girls Christening/Communion Cape With Lace - White ( # 9402)
Sizes: S-M-L. Two of Each Size Per Pack. In White Satin. Very Elegant. By "Just Darling Collection. Unit Price: $20.00/Each. Liquidation price: $10.00/each.
60.00 6 Pc Pack
GBK150 (F2/3) Guest Books In Polystone - Mini Roswe & Lace ( # W150GBL)
Size: 10" x 7.5". Gift Boxed. Unit Price: $12.00/Each.
36.00 3 Pc Pack
HACR246C (E3/2)* Hair Accessories Embellished Crowns For Girls - Pink Color Only
Hand-Crafted In USA. Assorted Soft Colors: Ivory, Lavender, Pink & Baby Blue. Unit Price: $4.00/Each.
24.00 6 Pc Pack
HBH2549 (E2/4)* Hair Accessories Pearl Headbands For Girls
Unit price: $5.00/Each
30.00 6 Pc Pack
MB4332 (E4/2) Bridal Communion Quinceanera Money Bags - Butterflies & Lace
Size: 14" x 10.25". With Flower, Butterflies Lace & Zipper. White Satin. Gift Boxed. Unit Price: $5.50/Each.
16.50 3 Pc Pack
MB57070C (B 5/2) Bridal/Communion/Quincenera Money Bags - Lace Overlay & Beads
Size: 9" x 6". With Lace & Beads. White Color. Gift Boxed. Unit Price: $10.00/Each. Liquidation price: $5.00/each
15.00 3 Pc Pack
MB57070D (B 4/2) Bridal - Communion Quinceanera Money Bags - Lace & Pearl
Embellished With Lace & Pearl. White Color. Gift Boxed. Unit Price: $9.00/Each.
54.00 6 Pc Pack
SS5858 (E3/2) Bridal Wedding Quincenera Any Occasion 2Pc Knife & Server Sets
Gift Boxed Sets. Handles are Pearl colored. Unit Price: $4.00/Set.
12.00 3 Sets Pack
V02223V1 (A2/3 White Embellished Communion Veils (# JM07)
Hand-Made In USA. Unit Price: $12.00/Each.
36.00 3 Pc Pack

22 items found: Page [ 1 ]




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