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FSGLS Face Shield Glasses
These face shields are more comfortable than regular face shields. Full face protection-made of High-quality PC & APET. Cleanable and Replaceable- Anti Fog.
* 3.59 each
PANHS16 Hand Sanitizer 16.9 oz
Our Pana hand sanitizer provides long-lasting relief and instant germ-killing action. This refreshing, unscented hand sanitizer gel contains 80% ethyl alcohol and helps reduce germs and bacteria on the skin.
* 9.99 each
DIKHG01THERM Infrared No Contact Forehead Thermometer
Dikang Infrared Forehead Thermometer is a top of the line contactless thermometer. Retailers need to be careful to ensure the quality and legitimacy of thermometers bought. With our product, you can rest assured that certifications are imprinted right on the side.
* 47.45 each
ISGOW2 Isolation Gowns- Level 2
AAMI Level 2 Medical Isolation Gowns provide a barrier to larger amounts of fluid penetration through splatter and some fluid exposure through soaking.
* 7.95 each
KN95FMSK KN95 Facemask- FDA
This KN95 facemask design with a 5-layer filter membrane which provides ultimate protection while allowing quality air -flow and breathability for healthy smooth breathing and extended comfort.
* 2.95 each
NITGLV Nitrile Gloves
General-purpose 4mm nitrile gloves are ideal for all non-medical uses. They provide a single-use barrier to protect hands for short-term use. Made from component materials that comply with FDA regulations for food contact.
* 17.10 box
3dREUSAMSK Reusable and Washable 3d Mask
These washable 3D masks are a perfect alternative to expensive KN95 masks or handmade cloth ones. They are reusable and washable so they will last for as long as needed based on proper care. Cleared for usage by the FDA for all non-medical use, they are perfect for businesses and consumers alike.
* 0.65 each

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