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00009 CBD Crumble
This highly concentrated, waxy substance is fast-acting and versatile, making it perfect for dabbing.
17.50 each
00003 CBD Gummy Bears - 65 count
These colorful Gummy Bears are perfect any time of the day! Each gummy is packed with 10mg of organic CBD and contains zero THC.
35.00 each
00001 CBD Isolate
1,000mg of CBD Total Derived from industrial hemp stalks 99% Pure CBD Isolate Lab Tested ? No THC ? No Chemical Taste Grown on an USDA Certified Organic Farm
17.50 each
00008 CBD Preroll
King Palm Leaf Hemp Preroll with Special Sauce
7.50 each
00007 CBD Tincture - 2400mg
Formulated to provide maximum relief, we've added D2 terpenes. The only OU Kosher Certified terpene in the world!
35.00 bottle
00010 Terpenes - OU Kosher Certified - 15ml
100+ strain specific profiles that replicate aroma & taste. We have formulations specific for sleep, energy, pain & inflammation, and more.
15.00 bottle