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  8809990153138 C3 Hair Tonic
An excellent supplement to the C3 Shampoo. It helps provide moisture to the scalp thus aiding the delivery of nutrients to hair follicles which are necessary in promoting hair growth and collagen production. Prevents dandruff and heals inflammation of hair follicles.
19.56 Each
  8809990153152 C3 Moisture Calming Cream
A complex formulation from natural plant extracts with double moisturizing energy through fermentation of Soya Bean and Black Yeast. Beautifies the skin by inhibiting cell aging, whitening, and tightening the skin. Soothes sensitive skin and strengthens the skin barrier.
25.52 Each
  8809990153145 C3 Shampoo
US FDA OTC Registered anti-hair loss/hair growth shampoo. High tech formulation from natural plant extracts validated by a US FDA approved research facility in Korea. 5-Star Seal for Excellence award winner.
21.12 Each

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