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Amazing Incense Burners :

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100-Incense-Cones Bag of 100 Incredible back flow Incense Cones
These remarkable cones make the smoke flow downwards! This special effect creates a soothing waterfall on our special incense burners. Each bag contains 10 cones of 10 uniques smells. These bags are resealable to lock in freshness, custom-designed with a professional look, and barcoded
*14.99 100 bags per case
incense-buddha-1 Incense Buddha
Beautiful porcelain figurine which holds our exotic incense cones that smell great, purify the air, and are incredibly soothing.
*12.99 box of 60
incense-stream-1 Incense Stream
Black ceramic incense burner where the smoke remarkably flows downward
*11.99 48 per box
incense-voodoo-1 Incense Voodoo
Spooky little incense burner that started as a Halloween decoration, but is so fun and unique that we sell thousands year round. Just put the cone in the back of the burner and watch as the smoke pours out of the eyes!
*11.99 100 per case
incense-fountain-1 Inscents Fountain
Amazingly, the smoke gently flows downward on these beautiful handmade incense burners. This creates a soothing waterfall effect that has helped over 90,000 customers relax.
*12.99 each
incense-waterfall-1 Inscents Waterfall
Smoke flows downward on these beautiful handmade incense burners. Watching the smoke gently cascade and fill the air with rich, exotic scents has helped over 970,000 customers relax.
*12.99 each

6 items found: Page [ 1 ]