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coughzero. Cough Zero
As the name entails, it is a zero coughing solution for when smoking or vaping your favorite smokables, flower oils, and concentrates. It mitigates the irritation and inflammation from smoke inhalation by changing the properties of the smoke itself. That's right, myth busted! You don?t have to ?Cough to get off.? You will now be able to experience a newfound ability to take epic rips never-before-possible, comfortably and eagerly. If you don?t cough, you have more room to inhale, without the irritation and inflammation felt by your lungs that comes with the cough. Apply drops along the path of the smoke and/or on the plant material. Although Cough Zero works well when applied onto material to be smoked, combustion is not necessary. It can be applied to the crutch (filter or tip) or even just to the rolling paper or along a blunt wrap before or after rolling. It can be put in the reservoir of a water pipe as well or just the tip of a one hitter. Cough Zero Concentrated Drops continue to work well even after drying on plant or other absorbent material, concentrates, filters, crutches, papers & blunt wraps. Cough Zero Concentrated Drops is completely non-toxic, safe and intended to be used outside of the body. Although Cough Zero is safe to eat, human consumption is not recommended and may be wasteful. When mixing with dabs, 3-6 drops in .5 gram. Mix vigorously for 2 min. Result should be lighter in color and resemble peanut butter. Water Pipe: add cough zero until fluid looks almost as white as milk. Usually one full dropper or 10 drops. Cartridge: Add three drops to tank for each 1ml. Larger tanks may require more. Shake vigorously to mix. Plant Material: 3 drops on flower in a bowl or cone. Use a torch lighter for best results. Rolling Paper or Blunt wrap: 3-9 drops depending on wrap. Crutch or filter: add 3 drops. What's in Cough Zero? - Water - MCT oil - Liquid - Charcoal Extract - Silver Citrate
1 to 99   $ 14.95 Box of 100
100 to 999   $ 7.75 Box of 100
1000 or more   $ 4.75 Box of 100
Box of 100