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CCB-CHALT-A100 CCB Challenger Series Tee-Shirt Sampler
A 100 piece sampler pack of our greatest men's tee shirts. 20 pcs in 5 colors. For causal wear, or the gym these slub blends get noticed. And, at a fraction of the cost of the higher end models.
* 900.00 per 100
CCB-HOMEF-A100 CCB Home Field Tee Shirt Sampler
100 pieces from our Chainsaw Home-Field Tee Shirt Series.This is our best priced, sports tee shirt series for men. Five colors 20 pieces each, Sizes Small-XLThey look as good working out and playing ball, as they look with a pair of jeans or shorts.
* 600.00 per 100
CCB-VTEE-A50 CCB Logo V-Neck Tee Shirt Sampler
50 Pieces of our light-weight Pima cotton V-neck tee shirts. Up to eight colors, 5-7 pieces each color, Sizes Small-3XL. Made from Pima cotton and embroidered with our cross-chainsaw logo. These tops are a warm-weather hit for kids and adults, alike!
* 350.00 Assorted Colors & Sizes, S-3XL, TrimFit, 50 pcs
CCB-POLO-A50 CCB Pima Cotton Golf Polo Sampler
50 pieces of our light-weight Pima cotton polo shirt. Awesome for golf and tennis, and for casual wear. Up to eight colors, 5-7 pieces each color, sizes Small-3XL.Made w/ Peruvian Pima cotton and embroidered with our cross-chainsaw logo. It's our softest, most comfortable shirt.
* 650.00 Assorted Sizes & Colors, S-3XL, Trim Fit, 50 pcs
CCB-PET- A100 Chainsaw Phys. Ed. Throw-Back Tee Shirt
100 of our Phys. .Ed. Throw-Back Ringer Tee Shirts. This throw-back beauty is available in dark blue and light blue in mens. Also available in white with red collar. ALL logo shirts are available in women's sizes. Call or email us for details.
1,100.00 100 pcs, 20 in each size