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Minimum Order: $200.00

travel accessories(tag, strap) :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
05001BLK "E-Z" Luggage Strap-Black
"E-Z" Luggage Strap-Black
2.50 ea.
05001Blue "E-Z" Luggage Strap-Blue
"E-Z" Luggage Strap
2.50 ea.
05001Green/White "E-Z" Luggage Strap-Green/White
"E-Z" Luggage strap
2.50 ea.
05001Green/Yellow "E-Z" Luggage Strap-Green/Yellow
"E-Z" Luggage Strap
2.50 ea.
05001Pink "E-Z" Luggage Strap-Pink
"E-Z" Luggage Strap-Pink
2.50 ea.
05001Purple "E-Z" Luggage Strap-Purple
"E-Z" Luggage Strap-Purple
2.50 ea.
05001Red "E-Z" Luggage Strap-Red
"E-Z" Luggage Strap-Red
2.50 ea.
05-7518Black "HANDS OFF" Luggage Tag-Black color
"HANDS OFF" Luggage Tag-Black color
15.00 dozen
05-7518Blue "HANDS OFF" Luggage Tag-Blue color
"HANDS OFF" Luggage Tag-Blue color
15.00 dozen
05-7518Green "HANDS OFF" Luggage Tag-Green color
"HANDS OFF" Luggage Tag-Green color
15.00 dozen
05-7518Orange "HANDS OFF" Luggage Tag-Orange color
"HANDS OFF" Luggage Tag-Orange color
15.00 dozen
05-7518Purple "HANDS OFF" Luggage Tag-Purple color
"HANDS OFF" Luggage Tag-Purple color
15.00 dozen
05-7518Yellow "HANDS OFF" Luggage Tag-Yellow color
"HANDS OFF" Luggage Tag-Yellow color
15.00 dozen
28-SM22 "Lady Bug" Massager
2.50 ea.
28-SM 27 "Lucky Hand" Massager
2.50 ea.

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