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Cilicon is a globally trusted vaporizer brand and technology platform. In Cilicon, innovative vape solution makes cannabis easier, smarter & more effective. By entering the next generation vaping, our core vape technologies drive our future and continue to contribute our partner success.

  • Vape cartridge
  • Disposable vape
  • Pod system
  • Battery
  • Other cannabis vaporizer accessories etc.
Cilicon SOLO 1 Pr - Disposable vap
Cilicon SOLO 1 Pr - Disposable vap

Cilicon SOLO 1 Pro, for disposable vaporizer wholesale, with the newest design, is a fixer to 99% of spit-back oil problems, filter out the big molecule, and provide the best vaping experience.

FLARE X1 Pro - Best Vape POD
FLARE X1 Pro - Best Vape POD

Cilicon FLARE X1 is a new pod vaporizer, maximally maintains your terpene profile. Cilicon offers the widest wholesale selection of pod vapes and Pod design service. Contact Cilicon for current price

SOLO Nano1 - CBD Cartridge
SOLO Nano1 - CBD Cartridge

Cilicon SOLO Nano1 is a great vape cartridge, which Solve 99% of cartridge Leaking Problem,ensures your customers a solid and consistent vaping experience.

GLIST Air1 - Disposable Vape
GLIST Air1 - Disposable Vape

Cilicon GLIST Air1, the most reliable child resistant disposable vape Pen, It implements the breakthrough proprietary child resistant design, allowing customers rest easy knowing

Cilicon SOLO1 CBD Disposable
Cilicon SOLO1 CBD Disposable

Cilicon SOLO1 is a simple and slim disposable vape, manufactured with special Microfeel Technology and Extraordinary Ceramic Heating Technology, offers the perfect vaping experience.

LIT Buff2 - 510 Vape Battery
LIT Buff2 - 510 Vape Battery

Cilicon LIT Buff2 is the best 510 thread vape pen battery . it is compatible to all 510 thread cartridge, Cilicon as a reliable quality manufacturer promise a durable life expectancy.


Supplier Type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Business Service

Price Point: Midrange

Minimum Order: 1000

Payment Accepted: T/T

Sample Packs: Yes

Amazon FBA Supplier: Yes


 After testing multiple suppliers' products, we selected Cilicon because it proved to be above the rest in term of quality, consistency,and reliability and price. Cilicon customer services, technology have impressed us with the designs of products bringing fresh idea to the market. our customers love the vape pens and compliment us on the quality, design and simplicity of use.