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Cilicon AB1208. Cilicon LIT Buff1: 510 Vape Pen Battery for THC & CBD Manufactur
Features of LIT Buff1 / AB1208-A 1. Seamless, compatible with all 510 cartridges. 2. 3 Stages of variable voltage button control. 3. Effective Child Lock. 4. Unique stainless steel shell. Product Name :LIT Buff1 Model No. / Size : 12.5*82.74mm Battery capacity: 320mah Tank Volume:NA Charging port: Micro USB port Type: 510 Thread Material: Stainless steel 1. LIT Buff1, a universal 510 thread battery, presents a seamless compatibility with all size of 510 cartridges. 2. Designed with an adjustable voltage button, LIT Buff1 provides an effective solution that voltage output can be shifted to 2.8V, 3.3V or 3.8V by clicking button 3 times during 2 seconds. It ensures LIT Buff1 an adjustable power supply, and allows you an enjoyable vaping experience in different circumstances. How can you know which stage your LIT Buff1 is in? The button RGB light blinks when you vary the voltage, 3.8V in Red, 3.3V in Green, 2.8V in Blue. 3. LIT Buff1 can be lock and unlock with 5 clicks at a time. It prevents your child from mis-inhalation. Child Lock. - It can be lock/unlock with 5 clicks at a time. 4. Equipped with stainless steel shell, LIT Buff1 performs a strong anti-deformation capacity, and an excellent processing ability. Painting or powder coating finish can be optional.

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