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Sally Hansen
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Cosmetix Club
465 S Dean Street
Englewood, New Jersey 07631 United States
Toll-Free: 732-337-7111
Phone: 732-337-7111

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Minimum Order: $50.00

About Our Company
Cosmetix Club has been selling wholesale cosmetics for 12 years. We value anyones business, wether your a small business starting up, or a big business looking for a new supplier. We offer a wide range of products.

About Our Products
We sell brand name cosmetics, everything from Covergirl to Lancome. Items listed in my store are not everything i have in stock, I try and list as many items as i can. If your interested in anything else, send me an email and I will see if I can supply it to you. If your looking for a mixture of items from my store, again please send me an email.

Return Policy
I am currently not accepting returns, due to the type of items I am selling. But if items arrive damaged, i will more than happy replace or refund for damaged items.

Minimum Order
Minimum order is $50.00. If your looking to maybe sample an item to see if you would like a larger amount, email me and we will work out a deal.

We are currently accepting Paypal and Credit Card payments. If choosing paypal, after receiving your order, a payment request for items purchased will be sent. Payment is due within a week of sending the request, or i will cancel the order. Credit card payments are not charged right away, you will get a confirmation email letting you know total cost with shipping price, and then we will charge your card.

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