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Tagging Equipment & Fasteners : Tools :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
10312 Dennison Fine Fabric Plus Tag Attaching Tool
Used for attaching tags to finer fabrics such as lingerie or silk plants.
*69.00 Each
10651 Dennison Mark III Swiftach Tool
Attach tags to fabrics with this easy to use tool.
*59.00 Each
10333 Dennison Tag Attaching Tool (Barb Gun)
This tag attaching tool attaches plastic barbs with tags to clothing or other fabrics and can also be used with J-Hooks to hang up smaller items.
*24.00 Each
10678 Fine Fabric Tag Attaching Tool
Used for attaching tags to sensitive fabrics such as lingerie or silk flowers using Dennison Fine Fasteners.
*39.00 Each
10999 Loop Attacher Tool
This is the perfect tool for any business that needs to fasten loop-based tags onto their products. The unit uses 2", 3" or 5" plastic loop fasteners that can be easily and effectively applied to items such as sunglasses, purses or dog leashes.
*129.00 Each
11001 Motex MTX05R Plus Tagging Tool
This Motex tagging tool is used to attach tags to fabrics with standard barbs (fasteners) or J-Hooks.
*18.00 Each
10000 Swiftach System 1000 Tag Attaching Tool
Used for attaching tags using standard fasteners. Perfect for higher volumne tagging because it holds 1000 barbs at a time.
*79.00 Each
11010 Tach-It Tool Long Fine
This Tach-It Long Fine Tagging Tool uses barbs to attach tags to fine fabrics.
*52.00 Each

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