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LABEL HELP. Help Choosing Label Types
We want to help you find the right label for all of your needs. We have put together a table to help you decide which label type and adhesive you need. If you still need help after reviewing this information please call us at 1-800-533-0527.

Label Type:

Tamper Proof (TP): Causes the label to tear apart when removed. Ideal to protect against price switching. Has slits.
Non-Tamper Proof (NTP) Label does not have slits and comes off in its entirety from surface.

Label Adhesive

Multi-Purpose (MP) An adhesion designed to perform well in a wide range of cold to room temperatures. It develops a strong bond to most packaging films and materials. A good wall-to-wall adhesive for food store labeling.
High-Adhesion (HI) or Permanent (P) A permanent rubber-based adhesive with high initial tack. It is a versatile adhesive at room temperature (will not stick to refrigerated or frozen items), with excellent adhesion to most dry surfaces such as plastics, metals, glass, films, and cardboard. Excellent for general merchandise applications such as drug, hardware, or other nonfood environments.
Freezer (FX) An environmentally sensitive acrylic-based adhesive specially formulated for superior performance at very low temperatures. It is the solution when frozen food needs to be labeled.
Removable (REM) Moderate initial tack and ultimate bond strength. Good for a large variety of substrates when clean resolvability is important. Best when used on Polyethylene, Polystyrene, glass and enamel coated materials.
Outdoor (HI) A polypropylene film with permanent environmentally-safe water-based acrylic adhesive. Good initial tack and adhesion to a variety of surfaces at a wide temperature range. Excellent moisture resistance and UV stability.
Textile (TX-8) Used for highly textured fabrics or surfaces.


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