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Pricing & Labeling Equipment : XL-Pro :

  • Labels & Accessories
  • Tools

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      Item # Description Price Unit
    10828-22V-SELLBY P2212 White SELL BY Label
    This P2212 label fits the XL Pro 22V pricing tool. "SELL BY" is printed on the label and is ideal for products that have an expiration date.
    *72.00 Package
    10828-P2512 P2512 Labels
    P2512 Labels for use with models XL Pro 26EA.
    *69.00 Box
    10828-3 P2516 Labels
    The P2516 Labels are for use with models XL Pro 25EEA and XL Pro 25EEAA.
    *79.00 Box
    P2619-LAB P2619 Labels
    P2619 Labels are for use with the model XL Pro 296P pricing tool.
    *75.50 Box
    10828-22V XL Pro 22V Pricing Tool
    This pricing tool allows for the month, day, year and time to be printed on a label which makes it great for applications where time stamps are needed. Perfect for the food industry.
    *79.00 Each
    10828-2 XL Pro 25EEA Pricing Tool
    The XL Pro 25EEA features 20 characters and two line capability (10 per line). The top has full alpha-numeric bands, while the bottom has numbers and symbols only for pricing.
    *129.00 Each
    10828-2AN XL Pro 25EEAA Labeling Tool
    The XL Pro 25EEAA features 20 characters and two line capability. Both the top and bottom line have full alpha-numeric bands. Perfect for coding.
    *149.00 Each
    10828 XL Pro 26EA Labeling Tool
    The XL Pro 25EA features 10 characters and one line capability with full alpha-numeric bands. This tool is perfect for coding.
    *79.00 Each
    XLPRO-INK XL-Pro Ink Roller
    Replacement ink roller for use in all XL-PRO pricing tools.
    *4.50 Each

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