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Merchandising Signs & Supplies : Sign Holders :

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11140 Card Holder w/Permanent Adhesive
This small 1" card holder features a permanent adhesive that can be used to secure itself to a surface for easy sign displays. If you choose, you can simply set them throughout your store without peeling the backing making this our most versitle sign holder.
*12.00 Bag of 20
11139 Ceiling Grid Clips-CLOSEOUT
These clips are perfect for hanging signs from dropped ceilings. CLOSEOUT! While supplies last.
*9.00 Bag of 20
11142 Glass Shelf Sign Holder
These nearly invisible sign holders secure themselves to standard glass shelves. They are also perfect for use in a glass jewelry case. They hold small signs for a classy look simply by setting next to the items requiring signs or prices.
*12.00 Bag of 20
11143 Plastic H-Clip Sign Holder
These two-way, 180 degree clips connects panels of varying thicknesses such as adding a SALE sign above a box display.
*12.00 Bag of 20
11141 Shelf Card Clip
These clips are used for holding sign cards when shelf rail is present.
*30.00 Bag of 50
11138 Shoe Boot Clip Sign Holder
This crystal clear holder clips onto shoes, boots or anything else up to 3/8" thick and will display a sign for pricing or other information. It will also fit the grid style displays for easy sign placement.
*12.00 Bag of 20

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