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Minimum Order: $2,500.00

Deal By Pallet
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  Item # Description Price Unit
  101 Multi-Pallet
We offer multi-pallet product to fit every budget. The quantity of items will vary by order. Typically this is 2-5 pallets of retail product ready to be sold on your E-Commerce sales channel.
2,500.00 2-5 Pallets
  202 Half Trailer
For those who want a larger amount of inventory a half trailer load is your answer. You will receive 8-12 pallets of retail product. Easy items to list items to add to your online business.
7,500.00 8-12 Pallets
  303 Full Truck
This is what you have been waiting for, the full truck load. This provides the highest return on investment per product. Ranging from 20-26 pallets. ​Take your business to the next level with this package!
15,000.00 20-26 Pallets

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