Great Opportunity For Stores and Online Sellers

NO need to have a Warehouse or Storage. All you need is an Amazon account with FBA and we will ship your items to your AMAZON FBA FOR FREE! Only $1200.00 minimum per order! Great opportunity for mom and pop stores.

At Deals 2 Sell Online, we sell high profit general merchandise brand name closeouts and we ship it right to your amazon FBA account FOR FREE (1 location only). You just pay the Amazon fulfillment shipping fee. Unlike drop shipping and closeout companies, where you need to have a warehouse and/or storage and pay for shipping, pack and label the boxes – then send it to your Amazon account, we do it ALL for you.

We offer new brand name products with the original retail box with the upc codes. You can still sell it with a markup of 100% or more. You buy the stock up front, and we ship your products to your Amazon FBA with your labels. We limit the sale of each product to full case only.

  • Direct Amazon fulfillment center shipping
  • We are also supplying brick and mortar stores, eBay, Sears, Newegg, and sellers
  • Full case only
  • New brand name brand new retail pack products with UPC codes
  • Only $1200.00 per order
  • 100% plus profit margin
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