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Pallet Sales :

(*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
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  Item # Description Price Unit
GM_fine-jewelry-lot_ Assorted Fine Jewelry Lot
Assorted Fine Jewelry Lot includes necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. Visit our webpage for manifest.
7,500.00 lot
GM_Bedding_PLT Bedding Pallets Original Case
Bedding Pallets include comforters, sheet sets, blankets and decor pillows in a large variety of styles and sizes. Perfect for shops, store outlets, online sellers, and flea markets.
700.00 pallet
Clorox Cleaners Clorox Cleaners
Large variety of Clorox cleaner pallets and truckloads
CALL pallet
HH_Clorox_green-work Clorox Green Works All-Purpose Cleaner Spray, 32oz/2Pack
Clorox Green Works All-Purpose Trigger Spray, 32oz, pack of 2, in original scent. UPC: 044600309767
254.40 pallet
HH_Clorox_outdoor_30 Clorox Outdoor Bleach, 120oz
Clorox Pro Results Concentrated Outdoor Bleach, 120oz is tough on stains and can be used for decks, metal, sidewalks & driveways, patio furniture and more. UPC: 044600307916
322.26 pallet
discount_store_plts Discount Store Pallets
Discount Store Pallets include a variety of items to stock shelves at corner, thrift, or discount stores.
1,000.00 pallet
GM Gaylords General Merchandise Assorted Gaylords
General Merchandise Assorted Gaylords Minimum order 1 pallet, $299 pallet
299.00 Gaylord Pallet
Hefty_plt Hefty Trash and Kitchen Bags
Hefty Trash and Kitchen Bags - Manifested pallets, prices average $400-$600/per pallet - call 610-458-1131 for details!
CALL Pallet
Household GM Household General Merchandise Pallets
Household General Merchandise Pallets are clean drug store shelf pulls that consist of a wide range of household items. They sell at a small percentage of their original wholesale value and always vary - please call us at 610-458-1131 for current manifests.
CALL pallet
Laundry Detergents Laundry Detergent
Original cased and repacked name brand laundry detergents. 50oz - 250oz sizes, call 610-458-1131 for updated manifests.
CALL Pallet
HH_Libman_lot_250 Libman Mops and Refills Lot
Libman Mops and Refills Lots include Gator, Scrubster mops, refills and more!
410.00 250 Units
TRLR_national-retail National Retailer Merchandise Loads
National Retailer Merchandise Loads include appliances, toys, general merchandise, housewares, small furniture, home decor and more.
6,000.00 truckload
HH_Reynolds_plt Reynolds Wrap Pallets
Reynolds Pallets include a variety of Reynolds products including aluminum foil, plastic wrap, sandwich bags and much more!
CALL pallet
Small Personal Elect Small Personal Electronic Pallets
Drug Store Shelf Pulled Small Personal Eletronics Pallets are clean, manifested pallets that are sold at a small fraction of their original wholesale value.
CALL pallet

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