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DV606. Mini DVR
1. Get into the state of "detecting moving objects" once power on; 2. Automatically take photos/record once detected moving objects; 3. Stop taking photos when objects stop moving; 4. The internal memory can store about 230 photos or 50 video clips; 5. DV606S(DV606+128MB SD card) can store about 1000 photos/200 video clips; 6. Support maximally 2G SD card which can greatly enlarge the storage of images; 7. Video recording conforms to the principle of "First in, First out",overwrite, record forever; 8. Can connect two cameras simultaneously, with the function of "Picture in Picture" but only the main picture can shoot; 9. Support all kinds of CCTV cameras (CCD, CMOS); 10. With ports of "outside triggers shooting"and "motion detect signal trigger output"; 11. Can be linked to all kinds of alarm system or visual door phone system, forming a new shooting alarm system; 12. The images stored in internal memory or SD card won't lose when power off; 13. Support video signal of NTSC/PAL; 14. The detecting scope, sensitivity and the interval can be reset; 15. The shooting date is stored as file name. 16. Can look for , and check images/video according to the shooting date; 17. Has the simple menu for operation, no need to install any software;
1 to -1   $ 60.00 pc
1 to -1   $ 57.30 pc
1 to -1   $ 62.60 pc
1 to 999   $ 92.60 pc
1000 or more   $ 54.60 pc

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