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IN STOCK KN95 $.40 FDA/CE | 3-PLY $.20 FDA/CE | Wellness Kits - 3-PLY Mask, Gloves, Sanitizing Wipes - IN STOCK | Sanitizing Wipes 10-pk $.40 | Alcohol Wipes 3-pk $.15
ALSO AVAILABLE w/ MOQs: Isolation Gowns | N95 NIOSH (Honeywell, BYD, Makrite, 3M) | KN95 CDC List (Weini, Arun, Powecom, Sengtor)| Face Shields ** CALL FOR PRICING AND AVAILABLE QTY

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Care Kit
Care Kit

Each care kit includes 3 disposable face masks and 3 individually wrapped disposable alcohol wipes.

Complete Care Kit
Complete Care Kit

Each complete care kit includes 3 disposable face masks, 3 individually wrapped disposable alcohol wipes and 3 pairs of disposable polyethylene gloves.

On-The-Go Complete Care Kit
On-The-Go Complete Care Kit

Each On-The-Go Complete Care Kit includes 1 disposable face mask, 1 individually wrapped disposable alcohol wipe and 1 pair of disposable polyethylene gloves.

KN95 Respirator Mask Box
KN95 Respirator Mask Box

Our KN95 face masks are 5-layers with adjustable ear loops to provide a secure seal and foam for added comfort. Each box includes 25 face masks.

Alcohol Wipe Kit
Alcohol Wipe Kit

Alcohol wipes contain 75% ethyl alcohol and kill 99.99% of common germs. Each alcohol wipe kit includes 3 individually wrapped disposable alcohol wipes. For external use only.

Hand Sanitizer Wipe Pack
Hand Sanitizer Wipe Pack

Pre-moistened wipes used to clean hands and surfaces for the removal of dirt and bacteria. Each sanitizing wipe pack includes 10 disposable sanitizing wipes. Pack is resealable to keep wipes moist.


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