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Envy Yourself
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  Item # Description Price Unit
BodyApple100 Body Lotion (Apple) 100mg
A green-apple scented, topical ointment that relieves muscle tension, alleviates soreness, and moisturizes skin.
* 34.99 each
AppleTinc250 Double Apple Oral Tincture 250mg
Crisp and ultra-satisfying green & red apples.
* 34.99 each
Face100 Face Cream (Unscented) 100mg
A refreshing and light, unscented facial moisturizer that alleviates inflammation around the fact and other sensitive skin areas. Our Face Cream also hydrates and replenishes skin, reduces noticeable aging, and softens the face.
* 39.99 each
OrangeTinc250 Orange Oral Tincture 250mg
Zesty orange overtones finished with smooth and saccharine undertones.
* 34.99 each
SoftChew200 Soft Chews 200mg
Multi-flavored fruit medley.
* 24.99 each
SourChew200 Sour Soft Chews 200mg
Multi-flavored fruit medley coated in sweet and sour powder.
* 24.99 each
StrawTinc250 Strawberry Watermelon Oral Tincture 250mg
Freshly-picked California strawberries paired with a slice of juicy watermelon.
* 34.99 each

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