EZ Trade Link, Inc.

PO Box 1234
Chino Hill, California 91709
United States
Phone: 818-209-0414
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Ez Trade Link, Inc. is the exclusive wholesaler of Naturate Herbal Tea since 2002. It is a quality product with exceptional designs at the best price. The opportunity is overwhelming since it is considered to be an essential food item with a low price. Many customers seek the Naturate Tea because they want hot beverages during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our sales are spiking and the factory is working at full capacity.

We have an assortment of flavors in stock in the Pomona, CA warehouse. You can purchase a minimum 30 cases and up to 1 pallet Qty. and more. One pallet consists of 120 cases and you can Mix-N-Match your order. You can pick-up your products on a will-call basis. Call me for special pricing and other volume pricing structures.

  • Excellent quality.
  • Beautiful designs.
  • FDA Approved.
  • All Natural.


Supplier Type: Wholesaler

Price Point: Value Price

Minimum Order: 30 cases; Ideal order is 120 cases.

Payment Accepted: Check; Credit card service to come soon!

Sample Packs: Yes


 Ez Trade Link has been in business since 2002. I can count on Naturate Tea to always inventory and fullfill my order. They keep my business flowing steadily.