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Doorway Fitness Tower
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Our Doorway Fitness Tower is the only Door Gym with a full dip, abs, pull & push-Up station. It's an innovative workout solution with unmatched functionality, designed to workout almost the entire body. It also comes with telescopic parallel bars and multiple hand grips for more exercise options. The back support will help to protect your customers' back while working out. The arms and elbows supports are removable for more exercise and stretching options.

  • Designed to workout almost the entire body
  • Pull-ups
  • Horizontal pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Dip
  • Core
  • Lower body
  • Stretching
Hands standing legs hip raise on..
Hands standing legs hip raise on..

Hands Standing Leg Hip Raise on Parallel Bar, is one of the most effective exercise to burn belly fat and redefine the lower abs, at the same time that strengthens the shoulders and arms

Diagonal pull up open grip
Diagonal pull up open grip

The Diagunal Pull Up is an excellent exercise for building strength in your back, biceps, and shoulders. This exercise is the best choice for beginners....

Leg hip raise on parallel bars
Leg hip raise on parallel bars

The DFT is the first Home Gym device that introduces in the Door gym a new option to exercise the abdominals on Parallel Bar, with full control of the body. Vertical Leg Hip.....

DFT doorway body roll
DFT doorway body roll

Doorway body roll is one of the most powerful exercises to strengthen the core and stabilize the body...

Dip on parallel bar
Dip on parallel bar

Dip on Parallel Bar is definitely the most effective bodyweight exercise to increasing chest and triceps strength. The DFT is the first device that introduces...

Doorway elbow extension
Doorway elbow extension

Beginners should start with their feet near the door, the farther the feet are from the door, the more difficult the exercise be come


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 Doorway fitness Tower by Fitnatural: From: Victoria 5.0 out of 5 starsPerfect workout helper November 25, 2017 Verified Purchase It was very easy to put together and the instructions are straight forward. It?s very easy to use and manual gives you like 60 different exercises to try out. Perfect for stretching, squats, abs workout. This could be a perfect Christmas gift for a fit friend!! Totally love it and highly recommend. It?s a pretty unique product and I?m sure you will love it. I did!!