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DFT-01. Doorway Fitness Tower - Home Gym Exercise
The DFT is the only Doorway Gym wits a Full Dip, Abs, Pull & Push Up Station. Designed to workout the entire body. Back Support to protect the Lower Back. A new way to workout the abdominals on Parallel Bar with full control of the body, avoiding swing back and forward during abdominal exercises. The Back and Arms/elbows Support are removable to perform other exercises and better storage after use. Unique vertical and removable Telescopic Parallel Bar to fit different size of People. The new and innovative equipment introduced the Parallel Bars into the ?Doorway Gym System?, expanding the quantity and type of exercises to be performed in the Doorway System. The DFT Station made possible to workout almost the whole body in the Doorway System, helping people strengthen more group of muscles and increase their overall wellbeing by using their own bodyweight only. The ultimate versatility of The Doorway Fitness Tower allows anyone to achieve their most functional body. It comes ready to assemble, is compact so it fits in to the doorway, and is easy to put away when it is not being used. REATIL PRICE $229.99
1 to 49   $ 69.99 each
50 to 99   $ 64.00 each
100 to 199   $ 60.00 each
200 to 299   $ 55.00 each
300 or more   $ 50.00 each