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Flex Beauty Labs
7512 Dr. Phillips Blvd. Ste. 50-232
Orlando, Florida 32718 United States
Phone: 646-302-5842

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About Our Company
We are a branded and licensed health and beauty aid manufacturer. Our leading brand launched In 1971, Flex Shampoo. It was a staple in the Revlon portfolio for 34 years. In 2017 Flex Beauty Labs acquired the trademark relaunching the Iconic brand. Flex Beauty Labs strives to give our shopper an opportunity to purchase today's trending fragrances, at an affordable price.

About Our Products
Strive to design and formulate products that give the consumers great value without compromising the quality of our formulas We own 15 National Brand as well as have 15 Licensed Brands

Return Policy
Discussed on an individual basis

Minimum Order
Discussed on an individual basis When a customer is responsible for the freight, picking up the merchandise, We can process any quantities needed. If we are shipping pre paid the minimum will be one full pallet.

New Customers Pre Paid Prior to Shipping In time that will change to Net 30

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