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Forever Tantra was started by a couple in Florida. "We knew that something was missing in most peoples relationships after some time passes and the relationship becomes routine and boring. but not because the couple's feeling or love has changed but because there focus is on work and raising a family or other interest. So we hand picked items to create the perfect romantic evening and videos to guide you on how to use this kit to maximize your experience. Forever Tantra is a start up company looking for investors, marketing partners or a buyer who can take this company to the next level. Forever Tantra designed the couples sensual massage kit to start a movement to help couples slow down and enjoy connecting with their partner via mind, body, and soul. Everyone wants to connect, it's human nature. Everyone wants to be loved and touched. Everyone wants a healthy, fun, fulfilling relationship. but some of us do not want to put the time and effort into getting what they want. So, Forever Tantra created this kit which offers all of this and more... when couples use the tools paired with our techniques illustrated in the videos. The purpose of this massage kit is to help couples and partners relax while connecting physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and intimately. Watching the Demonstration Videos will show a couple the accurate way to perform tantra massage and how to use each item properly in the kit to fully experience the benefits of this ancient healing art of Tantra. By following our tips and techniques suggested in the videos, couples can achieve an amazing experience. This kit is great for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, date night, adventures, and to reconnect in the fast paced life.

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Massage Kit - Upper Compartment
Massage Kit - Upper Compartment

Couples Sensual Massage Kit comes with 10 tools. Upper Compartment contains 500 red scented rose petals, aromatherapy candle, 3D Sleeping Mask, Feather Finesser, and massage gel.

Massage Kit - Lower Compartment
Massage Kit - Lower Compartment

Couples Sensual Massage Kit comes with 10 tools. Lower Compartment contains Massage Roller, Tassler, 9-Ball Massage Roller, Tassler, and streaming music and videos.

Aromatherapy Candle
Aromatherapy Candle

The glow of the candle sets the mood for a romantic evening and add ambiance to a romantic session. Emits a relaxing and intimate fragrance of pheromones and incense.

500 Synthetic Red Rose Petals
500 Synthetic Red Rose Petals

500 Scented Rose Petals will set the mood for romance. When placed on the floor, the petals will set the romantic stage and change an ordinary evening into an extraordinary one.

NURU Massage Gel
NURU Massage Gel

NURU Gel is an all-natural water-based lubricant that is safe to apply to any part of the body. The NURU Massage Gel allows for ease of movement during a full-body massage and body-to-body contact.

9 Ball Massage Roller
9 Ball Massage Roller

The 9 Ball Massage Roller slips on like an open glove. It has 9 metal balls that will move freely in any direction. It is made of a flexible rubber to conform to every curve of the body.


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 This couples sensual massage kit helped me to relax and re-connect with my husband. Our relationship was great but our intimacy was same old thing and very routine until he found this kit and surprised me on our anniversary. It has everything you need to enjoy quality time together, physical touch, music to relax & connect with, and different massage tools to try different sensations and to be adventurous in a very romantic setting that you create with the tools that are included in this kit. This is an amazing kit, don't knock it till you try it. We try to use it once a month for our special date nights." - Customer