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Cleaning Tools :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
JMM002 Dry Mop
Dry Mop
2.10 Each
JMB002 Plastic Broom
Plastic Broom
0.68 Each
JMB003 Plastic Broom
Plastic Broom
0.65 Each
JMB001 Plastic Broom Sets
Plastic Broom Sets
0.85 Set
JMB004 Push Broom
Push Broom
0.88 Each
JMB007 PVA Mop
2.35 Each
JMB005 Toilet Brush
Toilet Brush
0.89 Set
JMB006 Toilet Brush
Toilet Brush
1.50 Set
JMM001 Wet Cotton Mop
Wet Cotton Mop
0.86 Each
JMW001 Wooden Handle
China Ash Wooden Handle
0.45 Each
  JMW002 Wooden Handle
Wooden Handle
0.63 Each
JMW003 Wooden Handle
Wooden Handle
1.50 Each

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