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Minimum Order: $96.00

Wax Melts - Wild Berry Incense :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
STMELT-72 72 Piece Wax Melt Full Kit
Wax Melt Kit with rack
214.50 Kit
  CAVM Carnival Wax Melt
Wild Berry Carnival Wax Melt
2.75 1
  DRAM Dragon's Blood Wax Melt
Wild Berry Dragon's Blood Wax Melt
2.75 1
  EGMM Egyptian Musk Wax Melt
Wild Berry Egyptian Musk Wax Melt
2.75 1
  FAIM Fairy Dust Wax Melt
Wild Berry Fairy Dust Wax Melt
2.75 1
  FIZM Fizzy Pop Wax Melt
Wild Berry Fizzy Pop Wax Melt
2.75 1
  PUMM Pumpkin Spice Wax Melt
Wild Berry Pumpkin Spice Wax Melt
2.75 1
  RUMM Rum Raisin Wax Melt
Wild Berry Rum Raisin Wax Melt
2.75 1
  SEAM Sea Breeze Wax Melt
Wild Berry Sea Breeze Wax Melt
2.75 1
  SHOM Shooting Star Wax Melt
Wild Berry Shooting Star Wax Melt
2.75 1
  SWEM Sweet Pea Wax Melt
Wild Berry Sweet Pea Wax Melt
2.75 1
  VANM Vanilla Wax Melt
Wild Berry Vanilla Wax Melt
2.50 1
  WILM Wild Honey Wax Melt
Wild Berry Wild Honey Wax Melt
2.75 1

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