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Instant Snow To Go! The Original Instant Snow Powder
Make artificial snow instantly. Snow To Go Looks and Feels Cool like fresh fallen snow

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  Item # Description Price Unit
HOL-3000 Holisphere LIGHT FRAMES
Sets of 3 LIGHT FRAMES (18 sets per unit) for Parties, Events, Holidays, Outdoor Decor, and More. Simple Assembly and/or breakdown to compact storage. Four 3 set Colors - Green, White, Black, or Brown.
* 287.46 Case of 18
Instant Snow Party Favor Pack - A Frozen Party and winter theme favorite - 24 Snow To Go Blister Tubes, plus 1 LB Bag of Designer Event snow powder. $69.95 Includes Shipping via Fed Ex Ground.
* 69.95 Party Package
  SNO-2P Fairy's Frost Party Pack
Instant Snow To Go Fairy's Frost Party Pack - 12 Fairy's Frost Edition Party Favors, which create artificial frozen crystals in the snow, and a 1 LB Bag of Event Designer snow powder. Great for your Frozen Party or Event. $89.95 includes Shipping via Fed Ex Ground.
* 89.95 Party Package
Blizzard Wizard instant snow Party Favor Pack - Make snow with guests at a Frozen Party or any Party. Guests take their snow home in the twist top Wizard Jar. Only $59.95 - 12 Blizzard Wizard Snow in a Jar, 1 LB Bag of Bulk Party snow, plus shipping via Fed Ex Ground to all mainland US locations.
* 59.95 Party Package
SNO-M2000 MEGA 2 KG (4.4 LB) Event Bulk (Covers 88 Sq Ft, 1" deep)
Instant Snow Party and Event Bulk Snow To Go powder for serious artificial snow making. Make snow for play and decorating. Just add water to snow powder - No Mixing. Bulk Snow To Go is great for winter weddings, parties, floral displays. Event planners love it and know it's the BEST.
* 79.90 2 KG (4.4 LB)
SNO125 Blister TUBE Pack of Instant Snow To Go!
Instant Snow To Go! Original insta snow powder. No Mixing. A party favor, stocking-stuffer, or just plain fun. Make piles of snow instantly. Amaze your friends with the BEST Instant Snow, and BEST selling. Don't be fooled by impostors. 24 units per case. Wholesale as low as $1.50 each.
* 2.25 case of 24
SNO325 Blizzard Wizard Snow in a Jar
Conjure magical instant snow in the Wizard Jar. No can edges to cut. No mixing. Make piles of snow. Twist top jar saves the snow you made in the jar. Wholesale as low as $1.85 each.
* 42.00 case of 24
SNO400 Big Original POLY PACK Snow To Go! (Make 1 Gallon)
Instant Poly Pack of Snow to Go insta snow powder contains enough original Instant Snow Powder to make almost a gallon of artificial snow. This package is great for decorating table centerpieces, to use as a party favor, or stocking stuffers. Wholesale as low as $2.50 each
* 3.50 case of 30
Instant Snow To Go! powder with Fairy's Frost adds sparkle to your artificial snow making and decorating. Fairy's Frost pack is designed as the prefect combination to create an icy snow effect. Each pack makes a gallon of snow. 12 units per case. Wholesale as low as $4.50 per each.
* 5.50 case of 12
SNO410 Novelty Sno To Go TAKE-OUT Gift (Make 2 Gallons)
Instant Snow To Go Take-Out Sno To Go Novelty is a real Fun Gift package with enough insta snow powder to make almost 2 Gallons of artificial snow.
* 5.45 case of 12
SNO525 BUCKET of Snow To Go powder (Make 3 Gallons)
Instant Snow Bucket - Contains original Snow To Go instant snow powder to make almost 3 gallons of artificial snow. Our Bucket of Snow is a popular fluffy snow used by crafters to create snow wonders in holiday village scenes. It's fun for parties and school projects.
* 6.45 case of 12
SNO600 DESIGNER Snow To Go! (Make 10 Gallons)
Instant Snow To Go! One Pound of Original instant snow powder Designer Snow Super Pack. A wonderful product for craft or design snow making. 1 LB of Original Instant Snow To Go powder covers 20 sq ft with fluffy fake snow. Use it for Decor or Demonstrations. Wholesale from $21.75 as low as $16.50
* 24.00 1 LB

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