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  Item # Description Price Unit
132P Moon Mirror
Moon Mirror
8.50 Each
139 Mirror/Coat Hanger - Sun and Moon
Mirror/Coat Hanger - Sun and Moon
16.00 Each
240 Large Velvet Purse
Large Velvet Purse, Zippered with fringe, has overdyed floral embroidery on black velvet. 9" w x 10" h.
6.00 Each
245 Med Huipil Coin Purse
Med Huipil Coin Purse
3.00 Each
54RS Rasta Tam
Rasta Tam
5.00 Each
90-A-25 Hacky Sack
Cotton Crocheted Hacky Sacks from Guatemala - 25 pack of 16 assorted multicolor and 3 each of Rasta, rainbow and solid black. They are filled with plastic beads.
30.00 Pack of 25
901 Flying Angel 16"
Flying Angel 16"
16.00 Each
904 Flying Mermaid 16"
Flying Mermaid 16"
19.00 Each
90S Suede Hacky Sack (or Footbag or Kicksack) with sand fill
Twelve Panel Sand-filled Suede Footbags in Assorted Colors
4.00 each
90SB Soccer Ball Hacky Sacks
Cotton Crocheted Soccer Ball Hacky Sack from Guatemala, plastic bead fill
1.35 each
911 Hand Carved Flying Dragon 12"
Hand Carved Flying Dragon 12"
12.50 Each
916 Flying Kitty
Flying Kitty
5.00 Each
925 Kissing Couple Carving
Kissing Couple Carving
20.00 Each
935 Pressed Leaf Journal 7" x 8"
with Hand-Made Paper
5.00 Each
992 Bamboo Wind Chime
Bamboo Wind Chime
13.00 Each
S54 Large Sterling Silver & Opalized Glass Earrings with Small Stone
These earrings from Bali are made of special opalescent glass set into a cap of Sterling silver. A small stone cabochon is set into the cap. The earwires are Sterling silver.
7.50 pair
SG-300 Blended Color Sarong
Our Blended Color Sarongs come in several colors and designs including sun, moon, dolphin, dragon, Celtic, fish, butterfly, dragonfly, flower and turtle. Shown here are folded sarongs which show about 1/16 of each sarong. Blended Color Sarongs are also available in extra long and half size sarongs.
* 7.00 each
SG-675 Floral Batik Sarong
Batik Rayon Sarong from Bali in five colors
* 7.00 each
SG-740 Bright Floral Print Sarong
Bright Floral Print Sarongs or Pareos from Bali come in several colors
* 7.00 each
VB6 Small Velvet Fringed Pouch
Black Velvet Fringed Cinch Bag, 7" x 5", from Guatemala with overdyed floral embroidery in purple, blue or orange
5.00 Each