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Minimum Order: $100.00

About Our Company
Global Village Imports brings you the best of handicrafts, apparel and accessories from Bali, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador and Thailand. Some importers shop for quality. Others shop for price. At Global Village Imports we shop for both. We learn which products our customers want and then we search for the best we can find at a fair price.

About Our Products
From Bali we offer a wonderful selection of sarongs at affordable prices; wood handicrafts including wood frame mirrors, flying angels, mermaids, dragons and other creatures, carvings and boxes; and hand-made paper journals with pressed leaf covers. From Guatemala we bring you a large selection of wallets, shoulder bags, purses, etc. We also offer premium quality hacky sacks at the unbeatable price of $1.00 each, design hacky sacks at $1.25 (8-Ball, Alien, Globe, Peace Sign, Mushroom, Flower and more), hemp hacky sacks at $2.00 and sand-filled suede at $3.75. We carry a selection of hemp accessories from Thailand. For the colder months and latitudes we offer wool sweaters and hats from Ecuador and alpaca sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves and socks from Peru. And there's more. You may call us at 800-444-4208 for a catalog to see all this and more.

Return Policy
Credit is given for any merchandise which arrives defective. We also will accept returns, at our discretion, which are different from what you expected from the pictures in our catalog or on our website.

Minimum Order

First order credit card or COD, company check okay. Net 30 on approval. Please ask for credit application.