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Item # Description

Minimum Order: $100.00

SG-300. Blended Color Sarong

Our Blended Color Sarongs come in several colors and designs including sun, moon, dolphin, dragon, Celtic, fish, butterfly, dragonfly, flower and turtle.

The designs are made by using one single hand-made stamp which is dipped in hot wax and then applied to the fabric a total of 16 times in alternating rows. Shown here are folded sarongs which show about 1/16 of each sarong.

Blended Color Sarongs are also available in extra long and half size sarongs.

About Global Village Imports Sarongs

Global Village Imports brings you the best selection of Sarongs from Bali and offers them to you at great prices. We travel to Bali annually to pick out the most colorful and best selling sarongs. Most of these beautiful designs are done by batik, applying wax to the fabric to resist the dye. The wax is then removed revealing the design. Some of our sarongs are hand-drawn and painted using lines of wax to separate the colors. We also offer the most popular screen print designs.

All of our sarongs are made of 100% Rayon. The size is approximately 66 x 45 inches, the standard size for Balinese sarongs. They can be washed in cold water and hung to dry. They should be washed separately the first time or two.

When you place your order you select the styles you would like for your store and choose the colors if you wish.

Please call us at 800-444-4208 with any questions or to request a catalog or if you prefer to place your order by phone.

Pricing information

Price breaks are based on the total number of sarongs of all styles that you order. The Wholesale Central website does not automatically combine the different sarong styles for the discount but we will do so before invoicing and collecting payment from you.

We love these sarongs.
Your customers will, too!

1 to 49   $ 7.00 each
50 to 99   $ 6.50 each
100 or more   $ 6.00 each