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ITC is a one of a kind tea company, we gather local herbs from differnt geographical locations and create a fresh beverage for your buyer. Our flavors are always natural and ever changing. Guranteed to bring your costumer back to your retail or online location.
100.00 Box of 200
101LL Las Vegas Lips Lipstick & Lip gloss products
Las Vegas Lips is a show girls beauty secret. Vibrant Colors, Vast Color Selections bring this product to the top of the list of women everywhere.
100.00 box of 40
101VJ Punk Girl Vape Juice
Punk Girl Vape Juice PG and VG, plain, CBD or Delta 8 infusions Multiple Flavors-Write us for list 60ML or 120ML
100.00 Box of 40
101SB Rasta Man Island Soap Bar
Rasta Man Soap Bar Natural Ingrediants Heals Skin Variety of scents
100.00 66
101SFHS Saftey First Mini Hand Sanitizer
Mini Hand Sanitizer 80% Topical Solution 1-3 ounce
100.00 Box of 200
101PCS Shine Nano Crystal Tooth Paste
Natural Ingrediants Micro Pumic Crystals Charcoal
100.00 66
101STP Shine Nano Crystal Tooth Paste
Natural Ingrediants Pumice+Charcoal Teeth White Guaranteed
100.00 Box of 66
101MHH Smokeys Mini Pot
Mini Honey Jar Can be made plain or infused with Chili, CBD, Delta 8 and Fruit flavors.
100.00 Box of 132