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Kids Cloth Reusable Masks :

  • Kids Printed Cloth Masks

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      Item # Description Price Unit
    EF-Masks-009 Kids Reusable Cloth Fun Design Face Masks
    Individually Packaged - Peggable - Barcoded - Washable Cost: $3.15 - Min Order: 144 masks (9 assorted designs) - - One Size Fits Most
    453.60 144 pcs
    71333A/B/C Kids Reusable Fun Fashion Print Masks (36 prints)
    Printed Polyester Masks for Children (available in 3 different groups- each with 12 asst prints) Retail Ready Individually Peggable Packaging - Cost:0.85 ea mask Min Qty: 1152
    979.20 1152 masks

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