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HRMYL0130 Bio Placenta Rejuvenating Serum
Using the latest advancement in biochemistry, the Bio-Placenta Rejuvenating Serum delivers 5 unique peptides, molecularly identical to the growth factors found in the human placenta.
* 13.64 Each
MC2 Harmoni's Facial Moisturizing Cream 1.7 fl Oz - New Formulation
Our moisturizer is the highest quality that you'll find in any high end department store or salon, and absorbs easily into the skin. Harmoni's moisturizer is the best face moisturizer for the price.
* 16.00 Each
HA2 Harmoni's Hyaluronic Acid Serum 1.0 fl Oz - New Formulation
Our serum is the best Hyaluronic Acid Serum of the highest quality that you'll find in high end department stores or salons. A serum that repairs and moisturizes the skin while restoring elasticity and adding glow. Skin cells better retain moisture and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.
* 10.00 Each
RHSC2 Harmoni's Rosehip Seed Facial Cleanser 4.0 fl Oz - New Formula
Our Rosehip Seed Cleanser is the highest quality that you'll find in any high end department store or salon. Rosehip Oil is the active ingredient and offers extensive benefits to the rejuvenation process and maintained health of your skin.
* 12.00 Each

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