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Hayward Gourmet Popcorn
16034 US HWY 63
Hayward, Wisconsin 54843 United States
Phone: 715-934-8444

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Hayward Gourmet
For The Love Of Popcorn

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  Item # Description Price Unit
  004 Candy
Dads root beer barrels Butterscotch disks Lemon Drops Green apple drops Raspberry drops Sour fruit balls
3.50 each
  005 Cocoa bombs
we offer cocoa bombs & cappuccino bombs that are designed for the holiday or upcoming event! Just add milk or water and enjoy the excitment that follows!
4.89 each
  002 Cotton Candy
3oz of a variety to choose flavors! made fresh daily to order!
3.50 each
  003 Fudge
offering 1/2lb. and 1/4lb. fudge pieces
3.00 per
  006 Honey
Raw and whipped honey with a variety of flavors to choose!
5.50 each
  001 Popcorn specialty gourmet snacks size
Offering over 40 different flavors, for the sweet tooth or the savory!
3.50 per snack bag

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