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  Item # Description Price Unit
0006 Basket of Rocks
Metal Basket filled with Natural Himalayan Salt Stones
CALL Case of 4
0007 Carnival of Lights
Natural Shape Himalayan Salt Lamp with 7 color changing LED.
CALL box of 4
2007 Cooking Slab
Himalayan Cooking Slab with Tray
CALL Case of 2
0036 Cross Lamp
Hand-carved Himalayan Pink Salt Cross Shape Lamp with Dimmer Cord. 11 inches tall.
CALL case of 2
2002 Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses
Hand-carved Himalayan Pink Salt Shot Glasses (Pack of 4)
CALL Case of 12
0001 Luxor
Hand-carved Pyramid Shape Himalayan Salt Lamp.
CALL box of 6
0003 Rock of Gibraltar
Natural Shape Hand-carved Himalayan Salt Lamp.
CALL box of 6

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