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  Item # Description Price Unit
101 Aloe
aloe smells very refreshing made with coconut apricot wax can also be used as massage candle skin safe. Relaxing fragrance.
164.00 dozen
106 Apple peach pie
Smells like fresh baked apple peach pie nice strong fragrance hot or cold. 13 oz candle burn slow and clean. Great gift or home decor
198.00 dozen
102 Banana puddin
Smell like banana puddin made with coconut apricot wax burns clean and fragrance is strong cold or hot. Great gift any time of the year.
220.00 dozen
100 cookie monster candle
Candle made with high end vegan wax coconut apricot clean burn, stronger scented candles smell like fresh baked cookies. 15 oz per candle perfect gift for any holiday.
220.00 dozen
103 Exotic Sage
3 kinds of Sage top middle and bottom very smoothing, relaxing, calming Sage candle made with coconut apricot wax 19 oz of aromatherapy. Great gifts anytime of the year.
270.00 dozen
104 puppy candle
You can order several colors or fragrance puppy candles, men fragrance, ladies scents, flower scents made with coconut apricot wax and skin safe color as well as fragrance. 18 oz candles
240.00 dozen