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Infused MFG,LLC - Canna Hemp
3370 pinks place, Ste C
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 United States
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About Our Company
We believe in the power of the cannabis plant and its capacity to improve peoples lives. Our mission is to provide a safe, high-quality, non-psychoactive cannabis experience based on the latest science, and to cultivate community through education.

About Our Products
Canna Hemp is a collection of premium quality hemp-CBD products created to deliver fast-acting effects. We are tirelessly dedicated to consistency, quality and safety. Our hemp-based products are thoughtfully crafted with high-quality, organic botanical ingredients and are free of synthetic chemicals, preservatives and additives, and are third-party lab tested for quality assurance.

Return Policy
Please check your shipment carefully upon arrival to ensure it has not been damaged during shipping. All claims for damaged product must be made with 72hrs. Please contact us and provide detailed information for any product damaged during shipping within that time.

Minimum Order
Wholesale - One Case per product. Each case contains 25 units. We will entertain smaller orders so contact us for details.

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