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Item # Description

HRT-6-RoachTablet. Harris FAMOUS ROACH TABLETS, Kills Cockroach, Waterbugs
Harris FAMOUS ROACH TABLETS, Great Products to kill Roaches. Cockroach, Water bugs & Silverfish.

FAMOSAS TABLETAS Para Cucarachas.Formula original con cebo adicional. Mata Cucarachas, Heteropteros, Acuaticos Y lepismas.

  • Cockroaches are common household pests that contribute to respiratory asthma and often carry and spread disease. The most common species is the German cockroach.

    Female cockroaches produce egg cases that contain about 40 eggs. The egg case is deposited in locations that will provide food and water for the developing immatures.

    Young cockroaches begin feeding soon after they hatch from the egg case. They feed on the same materials as the adults, generally foods that contain sugars and starches but they will eat almost anything. After shedding their skin several times to grow larger, they become adults. Adults live for about 6 months. They feed at night and are inactive during the day.

    German cockroaches move along edges when they are foraging for food and water at night, the time of day when they tend to be the most active.

  • Roach killer tablets with added lure. Made with boric acid. Roaches take the boric acid back to the nest. Kills the entire population.
  • The box contains over 145 tablets. Contains 99 percent boric acid.
  • Mata Cucarachas, Heteropteros, Acuaticos Ylepismas.
  • Weight: 6 Oz.(170.09 g.)
  • Made by P. F. HARRIS MFG, USA.Since 1922.

    "Your tablets are a remarkable success."

    We live in an 80 year old wooden home in central Florida. Roaches were a constant problem. We tried exterminators; sprays, etc, without success.

    About 10 years ago my wife bought a bos of "Roach Tablets" and we've essentially been without roach or other bug since.

    Your tablets are a remarkable success. Hence this letter of approval. Our compliments!

    M.D. (RETIRED)

  • Price:
    1 to 5   $4.99 Each Box
    6 to 11   $4.00 Each Box
    12 or more   $3.38 Each Box
    Each Box


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