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Item # Description

Dollar Items : Toy :

(*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
Click on item name to see full details and picture if available.

  Item # Description Price Unit
BibleKeyChain-EL Mini Bible Key Chain/Key Ring
Mini size bible with real pages and prints. Let God's words be with you everywhere all the time.
*9.00 Dozen
BL3031M 2 in 1 Laser Pointer with Music
Newest products in the market.Laser pointer with loud sounds,changing with every time when you press the button. The 5 head laser pointer is a great gift for the lecturer to use during presentations or as a fascinating novelty for the person who has everything.3PC LR44 1.5V batteries included
*15.00 Dozen
BL3032 Key Chain Laser Pointer
Wholesale One of the most popular products around. The 5 head laser pointer is a great gift for the lecturer to use during presentations or as a fascinating novelty for the person who has everything. 3PC LR44 1.5V batteries included.
*12.00 Dozen
Bracelet/Wristband3 Silicone Rainbow / Silly Band /Marble Wristband/Bracelet3
Silicone Rubber Silly Bands Rainbow/Tye-Dye/Camouflage/Marble Colored Wristband/Braclet3: These are rainbow colored bracelets with the words "Hope", "Dream", "Love", "Best Friend", "Courage", "Strength" on it. Hottest items now!
*4.00 Dozen
Bracelet/Wristband4 Silicone Rubber Wristband/Bracelet4-Glow in Dark.
Silicone Rubber Silly Bands Wristband/Braclet4: This is a glow in dark, Glitter Bracelet.
*4.00 Dozen
BubblewMiniHorn Bubbles with Mini-Horn
Kids love this! Bubbles with a wand thats also a miniature horn. As you blow the bubble, a fun trumpet sound is made too! Sold by the dozen.
*4.00 Dozen
CrystalStarBall Crystal Star Ball/Necklace and Keychain
Crystal Star Balls/Necklaces and Keychains.
*4.00 Per Dozen
FB1001 Flashing Crystal Band Bracelet
Flashing Bracelet with a thick bad and semi-crystal ball decoration. Latest flashing accesory. Goes great with Flashing spike ring.
6.00 Dozen
FP-Halloween Body Lights/Flashing Pins-Halloween
Halloween Magnetic Flashing Body Lights with Bright Flashing Light, can be used as pins or pendants. Assorted designs avalaible.
*9.00 Dozen
FR3001 Flashing LED Body Light Rings Ring
Flashing Rings with 2 Bright LED Lights. Adjustable Band to Fit Any Fingers. Battery included. Perfect for raves, parties, clubs, etc.
*9.00 Dz
GlowStick23 Light up Glow Sticks 23"
23-inch glow/light sticks are by far the most popular of the chemical glow products! Each stick contains 3 different color and could form a necklace. It also goes well with the 8" light stick to have lots of funs. 50 pcs per tube.
*20.00 Each Tube
GlowStick8 8" Light Glow in Dark Sticks/Bracelet
8-inch glow light sticks are by far the most popular of the chemical glow products! The individual stick could be fixed to form bracelet, or connected with each other to be a necklace. Comes in 4 colors: Green, Yellow, Purper and Red. 50 pcs per tube.
*6.00 Each Tube
HeartCup 3.25" Heart Mug Cup
Wholesale Valentine's Mugs/ Cups with Cute Valentine Designs. Perfect for Your Valentine! Assorted styles available.
6.00 Dozen
MCD3001 Moving Cartoon Decoration
Moving cartoon decoration with suction cup at the bottom. Could be attached to any surface. The cartoon top will bounce and dance with motion. Nice decoration for car, office, house, and almost anywhere!
*6.00 Dozen
MusicalSanta Christmas-MusicalSanta
Christmas Musical Santa. The Santa Claus is 15 inches tall and 5 inches wide. The Santa plays a christmas song and the candle lights up.
*78.00 Dozen
PlayingCard-Yankees Team Logo Playing Card - MLB New York Yankees
Team Logo Playing Cards - MLB New York Yankees
2.75 Each
SingingDoll Singing and Dancing Doll
Singing and Dancing Dolls. Beautiful and verry pretty singing doll. Each doll is 13 inches tall and about 4 inches wide. We black and white dolls.
*60.00 Dozen
Snakes Snake Toys
Plastic Snake Toys. Snakes Move Like Real Reptiles Along Your Hand Movement. Come in Multiple Colors. Kids Will Love Them!
*6.00 Per Dozen
SunVisorWFan Sun Visor with Mini Fan (Youth) Visors
Youth Size Plastic Sun Visors with Battery-Operated Mini Fan
*12.00 Dozen
TOY3002 Flying Balloon Helicopter
Wholesale Balloon Helicopter. Assemble the blades, blow up the balloon and connect it to the blades. The balloon-helicopter will fly/float by itself.
*6.00 Dozen
WaterGun136 8" Water Gun 136.
8" Water Gun 136
*6.00 Dozen
WaterGun312-11 20" Water Gun 312-11
20" Water Gun 312-11.
*36.00 Dozen
WaterGun500 10" Water Gun Super 500
10" Water Gun Super 500
*9.00 Dozen
WaterGun806 9.5" Water Gun 806.
9.5" Water Gun 806.
*6.60 Dozen
WaterGun812 10" Water Gun Super 812
10" Water Gun Super 812.
7.20 Dozen
WaterGun833 7" Water Gun 833
7" Water Gun 312B.
6.00 Dozen
WaterGunH013 Squirt Water Gun H013 or H019
14" Squirt Water Guns H013 and H019
*36.00 Dozen
YY3001 Toys & Novelties: Waterball Yo Yo/Water ball YoYo
2" Diameter Waterball Yo Yo/Water Ball YoYo Filled with Water. LOWEST PRICE! Start from $2.25/dz.
*5.50 Dozen
YY3004 Toys & Novelties: Waterball Yo Yo - Animal YoYos
2" Diameter Glow-In-Dark Waterball Yo Yo/Water Ball YoYo Filled with Water.
*6.00 Dozen

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