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FSH25-MC6. Forever Steel Hose (25')
Introducing the next generation of garden hoses, the stainless steel, ultra-durable, ultra-flexible. Forever Steel Hose, it will last a lifetime. So lightweight, it can be carried by anyone. The Forever Steel Hose will not tangle or kink like any of those other hoses that can get knotted up and stop working. Even tied in multiple knots, The Forever Steel Hose keeps working. The secret to Forever Steel Hose is the incredibly strong professional grade 304 stainless steel outer casing with its advanced, Flex Ridge design, it is as strong as armor. Ordinary hoses are no match for tree clippers, Forever Steel Hose bends those sharp blades like butter. No matter how hard and often you use it, Forever Steel Hose stays strong. With its advanced materials, the Forever Steel Hose is weather proof and UV resistant, it will not rust or corrode. And because it is made with 304 Stainless Steel, it can sit in the hot Florida sun all day and still stay cool to the touch. The Forever Steel Hose can handle any weather even in completely frozen temperatures, it will stay totally flexible. Forever Steel Hose unique design lets you reach further and higher than other hoses without sacrificing pressure. Stop hassling with that heavy, tangled up mess, and stop wasting money on expandable hoses that always burst. Forever Steel Hose the one garden hose you will own FOREVER!
$ 66.00
Carton of 6

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