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Minimum Order: $300.00

MF-MC12/3. Magic Finder - 3 Way Tracking Bluetooth Enabled Key Fob
Magic Finder the fast and easy way to find your keys or any lost item. Just attach the Magic Finder to the item, download the free Magic Finder app and pair it to your smart device. Magic Finder finds your lost items in two easy ways, you can use the radar function to visually track the distance to your lost item or Simply press - find it - to cause the Magic Finder to light up and beep to help you track your lost item by sound. But what if you loose your smart device? No problem, Magic Finder two way tracking system will help you find it, just click the button on the Magic Finder to activate an alarm on your phone and find it in seconds. Even if the ringer is turned off. Best of all you can pair up to 8 Magic Finders and track multiple items like your purse, wallet, pet and more all at once. Attach Magic Finder to your keys and stop those frantic last minute searches. Magic Finder's battery is replaceable and lasts up to a year. Magic Finder works with any smartphone.
$ 66.00
Case of 12

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