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Minimum Order: $300.00

NS-MC12/6. Nano Strong - Smart Device Screen and Glass Surface Protector
Introducing Nano Strong. The new insanely strong screen protector that is a total game changer. Simply wipe Nano Strong on your screen for a perfect fit with no bubbles every time. Razor blades slice right through any regular screen protector but will not even scratch Nano Strong. Worried about dropping your phone? Even with a screen protector the glass can shatter and a replacement can cost over $150 but Nano Strong will protect it for up to a year. Nano Strong can be applied to any size smart phone, tablet or glass surface. Want to protect those expensive glasses or your favorite watch? You can do that with Nano Strong. The secret is Nano particles that bond at a micro level creating a virtually indestructible surface, it creates a Ultra Smooth 9H protective coating that repels water, dirt and grime. Nano Strong is invisible, allowing the high definition colors on your phone to be sharp and bright. Nano Strong kills 99.9% of bacteria on the surface while also limiting harmful radiation. It is super easy to apply. Just wipe the surface clean with the provided alcohol pad, apply Nano Strong and enjoy protection that lasts up to one year with 9H stronger than glass surface hardness.
$ 66.00
Case of 12

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