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SP-MC2. Square Copper Pan Pro - All in 1 Pan for Stove Top & Oven
Square Copper Pan Pro is the next generation of intelligent design non-stick ceramic cookware. Unlike straight-edge pans, Square Copper Pan Pro revolutionary, new step-edge design prevents it from warping and helps prevent messy dripping and boil-overs. New silicone comfort grip handles make it easy to take from the stove to the table. So versatile it replaces many of your existing cookwares. With Square Copper Pan Pro, you can cook like a pro using only one pan. Start on your stove, finish in your oven and put it right on your table. Cook everything with ease and make cleanup a breeze, One pan, One wipe and you are done. Square Copper Pan Pro 5-layer design and triple-coated ceramic surface makes it the most durable, non-stick cookware ever invented. Even the most challenging foods will not stick. Its vented tempered glass lid locks in just the right amount of steam to cook faster and keep food moist and flavorful. Use it on your stove to fry, deep-fry, steam and boil. Put it in your oven to roast, bake and broil. Use any utensils,even cook without oil. Heat tolerant up to 650 degrees - the ceramic surface never flakes or peels Square Copper Pan Pro advanced stainless steel induction plate heats food evenly on any cooking surface. So you can sear like a pro and brown edges at the same time. The deep 4-inch sides are perfect for stews, one-dish meals and dazzling deserts that everyone would love.
$ 54.00
Case of 2

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